Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Master Bedroom Makeover...

Still in progress.
Is almost complete...I so want to share what I have already done, but I want it to be a big reveal. EEEACK. I repurposed a vintage dresser that is just SO ADORABLE now. I cant wait to show you!!

I am still waiting on fabric from Missouri to make the drapes, 2 matboards from bfe through Hobby Lobby, and a canopy that I keep forgetting to call about because the company is in Australia so I would call them in the middle of the night here....maybe I will remember tonight.

You know it was just time, we still had dressers from the college days!!

The closet...ahem..I am here to report my husband has 118 T-shirts. Is that normal? that does not include button downs, polos... Just T-shirts.
I am happy to tell you all he purged 5 t shirts, 6 pairs of pants, 8 ball caps (he has like 30 he kept) so he is making a bit of progress in the less is more arena. Baby steps.


Patricia said...

I can't wait to see your pics!!!

Life Unexpected said...

Hi Val! I've been thinking about you. =) Can't wait to see the photos.

Val said...

Still waiting on that fabric from Missouri...not pleased. Honestly I think the fabric store is looking all over the country for it.