Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ola Amigos

I have finally found that fire I was looking for. Staying busy knocking away at that "to do" list. Our family spent the weekend down on the Big Horn. I can now see why this area is touted for excellent fishing and all around beauty. I also learned that moving cows on four wheelers is not all that bad. ahem. Saves your horse when they are out of shape and not rode much (ahem rider included) and man can you cover some country in a hurry. One thing for sure its a task to hold on to your expensive camera and handle a horse moving cattle at the same time. Pics to follow if this computer can handle it.

28 yards of fabric...check
new sewing machine...check (the old one went kaput in the fundraiser project for my nieces high school dance team)
King Coverlet, shams, shower curtain sewn....check
Pics to follow when project complete.....you betcha
paint and supplies...check
framing material...check
tile and grout.....
cement board....
Custom laundry room cabinets....check.....remember way back when I first started this blog (look under laundry room in the list, when I was dreaming about a kick ass laundry room).....well that is about to come a reality. I was so excited to see those delivered I coulda made out with the builder, that would not fly so well with the builders wife nor my husband so I didn't and besides it would have been really weird since he is my ex brother in law. Great builder non the less!!!

What else going on? Well it snowed somewhere around the 10th of this month and reached down to 20 degrees only to be followed by a 73 degree weekend, alot of folks around here lost their pumpkins.....I managed to save mine in the knick of time however there are some very well fed deer running around as they demolished my garden. a bite out of every tomato...Dirty ba$#@!%$!

and the cowgirl camper has a new floor....it looks so nice!! Kids are in the swing of things and all is well on the homefront!! Just gotta batten down the homestead for a long winter I reckon.

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